for the traveler seeking an authentic experience where wine and food mingle harmoniously with culture and history: Look no further.


La Dolce Vigna believes in the good life — la dolce vita — delicious food and wine, living in the moment, meaningfully connecting to the people and nature around us, and slowing down our pace to enjoy it all.

La Dolce Vigna (pronounced VEEN-ya)—literally, the sweet vineyard—promotes la dolce vita one glass of wine at a time. What is wine, after all, but an expression of nature, people, history, and culture coming together? By visiting a wine's source and by experiencing it with all of our senses—from the sound of its pour to the tactile sensations it provides in our mouth—we literally and figuratively absorb the good life, allowing us to become an active part of it ourselves and giving us a truly authentic insight into the local culture.

Meet La Dolce Vigna Founder + Director: leslie rosa

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As an experienced traveler, I just returned from a trip to Italy with Leslie that was without a doubt one of the most well-run, informative, and enjoyable trips of a lifetime. Her commitment to detail, her knowledge of the wines and culture, and her passion for sharing with others was truly evident. I know that I’ll be joining Leslie and others on many more La Dolce Vigna trips!
— Philip T. | California

After a decade of working in the art world for eminent institutions and artists in New York, London and around the globe, Leslie Rosa moved to Italy and became a certified sommelier with the Associazione Italiana Sommelier. She lived in Tuscany (Siena) and the Veneto (Venice) and has traveled extensively throughout the country, seeking out small wineries that have a story to tell, local gastronomic wonders, cultural gems and experiences that exude the good life. Now based in Northern California, Leslie continues to cultivate la dolce vigna philosophy, with custom tours of California wine country, her small group tours in Italy and Argentina, as well as dynamic tastings of wine + culture.

La Dolce Vigna Difference

We promise you an unforgettable experience bursting with la dolce vigna. Our tours are the most genuine and unique out there, centered around small, eco-conscious, family-run wineries that make truly outstanding wine, and packed with cultural insights. You'll find no cookie cutter itineraries here. Depending on the season and local events, we will custom organize the best and most insider experience for each group. Our tours are always limited to a maximum of 12 people to assure you an intimate experience and access to your guide, who not only is a certified sommelier, but all-around good company. As you gaze out of the window on your way home from one of La Dolce Vigna's tours, you'll satisfactorily sigh realizing that you

  • Savored eno-gastronomic, historical, cultural and natural treasures of your tour's region.

  • Got to know a few wine producers on a first name basis and heard their stories of life on the vineyard.

  • Can now speak confidently about the wine-making process and its many variations.

  • Feel like you've been reacquainted with your senses and developed your palate

I’m still digesting this wonderful trip in more ways than one...It really enriched my life and the way I feel about life. Starting to think about a next trip!
— Bernt N. | New York, NY

What We Accomplish Together

Besides helping local, artisanal economies through visiting small wine and food producers, eating at traditional trattorie and staying at charming agriturismi, a donation on behalf of each individual that takes one of our tours (or classes) will be made to 10,000 Gardens in Africa, a Slow Food initiative aimed at cultivating sustainable and healthy communities throughout Africa. Together you will make a specific and powerful impact. Part of living the good life is helping others to do so.

Art Open Call

For centuries, Italy has not only bred talented and impassioned artists, but it has enticed and welcomed them from distant shores. California, too, has been perceived as a mystical environment that has motivated and inspired artists since prehistoric times. We at La Dolce Vigna believe our tours in Italy and California will continue to attract artists, writers and musicians—active and dormant—and have decided to hold an open call for creative works, periodically sharing our favorite submissions on La Dolce Vigna's Journal. For more information or to make a submission, please be in touch. You'll make us happy.